everything comes to an end

I was a member of the credativ family for almost 10 years. It was a great and and demanding time where I did things I never imagined I would have to do them :). I started as an apprentice and finished as a technical lead.

In the last summer one of my best friends - if not my best - and I developed the idea of me joining his company hs42 as their new Head of IT. The whole concept is interesting, most time I’ll do home-office and for ~ 1 week in a month I’ll join the company in Oldenburg.

After a lot of thinking I accepted that offer. That means that I left credativ in December.

Being an open source consultant is interesting on the one hand, but somewhat annoying on the other hand. You will always do new things, but often you are not in the position of designing, deciding or even running them. I was always something that is nowadays known as a devop - a long time before this was getting “hip”.

Now I have the opportunity to design, develop and run my own systems. That also means a little bit windows, but opsi exists :). Running systems on your own is different from the usual consultant work. Being a consultant often means that you design and implement something and after it works you have to give your baby into the hands of someone else. Running them on your own also means you can do constant improvement to something, not only when its broken.

The job should give me more time for open source and my family, which is a good thing. It is still a little bit odd to work from home, but being together with your family most of the time is a great thing - and I don’t want to miss it.

The new job also allows me to work as consultant on my own, so if you need a Debian, E-Mail, Linux or whatever guy that helps you in doing things - get in touch with me.

The time at credativ was a great one and I look back with a smile to all the good things. If you need Open Source Support they are the people you should ask. I will stay connected with credativ in many ways.


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