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New mailinglists

Today I spend some time to go through the bugreports.
In consequence I created three new lists:

  • debian-hpc
  • debian-rtc
  • debian-metadata

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Basic support for SSO Client certificates on

Sometimes waiting for a delayed flight helps to implement things. I added some basic support for the new Debian SSO Client Certificate feature to

If you are using such a certificate most anti-spam restrictions, code limitations and so on won’t count for you anymore.

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cgit on

Recently I was doing some work on the alioth infrastructure like fixing things or cleaning up things.

One of the more visible things I done was the switch from gitweb to cgit. cgit is a lot of faster and looks better than gitweb.

The list of repositories is generated every hour. The move also has the nice effect that user repositories are available via the cgit index again.

I don’t plan to disable the old gitweb, but I created a bunch of redirect rules that - hopefully - redirect most use cases of gitweb to the equivalent cgit url.

If I broke something, please tell me, if I missed a common use case, please tell me. You can usually reach me on #alioth@oftc or via mail (formorer@d.o)

People also asked me to upload my cgit package to Debian, the package is now waiting in NEW. Thanks to Nicolas Dandrimont (olasd) we also have a patch included that generates proper HTTP returncodes if

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About DMARC on

DMARC ( is a great thing.

To protect our subscribers we (Debian listmasters) will probably have to reject mails from every domain that enforces rejects via DMARC (p=reject) in the future. If you want to follow the discussion subscribe to Bug #752084. That means that users of such providers will not be able anymore to post to our lists without using a third party service.

I can only encourage users of such providers ( aol , yahoo I mean you!) to tell their providers how shitty DMARC is. By the way, rumors say that this will include all gmail users in the future.

If you want to laugh, there are some solutions for handling DMARC:

  • . I laughed a lot, especially of

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Some new lists

As requested in #747376 I created the following new debian lists:

  • debian-lts
  • debian-lts-changes
  • debian-lts-announce

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next stop: FOSDEM 2014

This year I am able to join the Debian Booth on FOSDEM again. I am also looking forward to meet some projects like foreman and many others. I also hope that I find the time to do some listmaster work, like accepting new lists or getting my new solr based search engine for online. If you want to meet me, try the debian booth or drop me a short mail or twitter message (@formorer).

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everything comes to an end

I was a member of the credativ family for almost 10 years. It was a great and and demanding time where I did things I never imagined I would have to do them :). I started as an apprentice and finished as a technical lead.

In the last summer one of my best friends - if not my best - and I developed the idea of me joining his company hs42 as their new Head of IT. The whole concept is interesting, most time I’ll do home-office and for ~ 1 week in a month I’ll join the company in Oldenburg.

After a lot of thinking I accepted that offer. That means that I left credativ in December.

Being an open source consultant is interesting on the one hand, but somewhat annoying on the other hand. You will always do new things, but often you are not in the position of designing, deciding or even running them. I was always something that is nowadays known as a devop - a long time before this was getting

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